Flu Vaccine Clinic Guidelines

Flu clinics are for the administration of flu vaccine only. If you have questions re your child’s health, or if your child is needing any other vaccines, please call the office.

Flu vaccines will be given at scheduled appointments or the flu clinics. If your child is coming in for a well child visit, it will be given at that time, and you may bring siblings along as well. We will not schedule flu shot appointments outside of these already scheduled appointments or clinic dates.

We will have many flu clinics Sept-Dec. Please be patient, as the clinic dates will be posted as vaccine becomes available. It is optimal to get your flu vaccine by the end of October, but we usually are giving it thru March or until flu season is over. So far this year, there does not seem to be any delay in shipping or shortage of supply.

Please read the Vaccine Information Statements for flu vaccines. It is recommended that all kids 6mo and older get a flushot, unless there is history of anaphylaxis to flu vaccine. Flumist is available, in limited supply, for kids 2yo+. Flumist should not be given, however, if your child has asthma/has asthma action plan/requires controller meds. If your child is 9yo or under, and this is the first year he/she is getting a fluvaccine, it is recommended to get 2 doses, a minimum of 4 wks apart.

You MUST have the consent form completed and signed when you arrive at the drive-thru clinic. The consent form can be downloaded from the website, Shawneemissionpediatrics.com

It is helpful, but not required, for 2 parents/adults to be in the car, one to drive and another to help with the child.

All persons 2yo+ must be wearing a mask, even in the car, when you arrive at the drive-thru.

Kids 5yo or younger need to be wearing shorts, as vaccine will be given in the thigh.

Kids 6yo or older need to be wearing short sleeve shirt, as vaccine will be given in the arm.

No pets in the car.

All persons in the car must be fever-free for past 24hrs.

All persons in the car must not have had a positive covid test within the past 14 days.

All persons in the car must not have a covid test pending.

Drive-thru dates and hours: Weekends late Sept thru Oct. Check website often for updates, as more clinics will be added in Nov/Dec as needed.

Line starts under the canopy of the parking lot of the Gateway Bldg.

This is a new process for us….please be patient as we figure out how best to provide this service within the constrictions of the pandemic.