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Billing & Payment

We expect you to pay your co-pay at the time of service. This is part of your contractual agreement with YOUR Insurance company. For your convenience, we accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.

Correspondence from your insurance company is often difficult to understand, please call if we can assist you in determining your responsibility to our office. Monthly payment arrangements can be set up if this is necessary. Please call 913-362-1660 and select option 3 for billing. We are a doctor’s office, not a financial institution. We are not set up for long-term payment plans. This is why we ask that you use your credit cards for large balances that you are not able to pay quickly. Bills are sent monthly to you and are due upon receipt. An interest charge will be added to unpaid balances.

A service charge will apply to any check returned for any reason. This is necessary since we are charged by the bank for your returned check. We then ask that the returned check and service charge be paid within 10 working days.

An account without any payment activity for 90 days will be sent to a collection agency. If this should happen and your account is sent to collection, your children will no longer be considered patients at this office. We understand families can have difficult financial times and we are very willing to work with you. Please communicate with us so that we can understand your financial situation. It is never our intention to add to your financial problems but you cannot assume we are aware of your hardship unless you let us know.

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