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Our Staff

We are very proud of our nursing staff.  Our nurses are all Registered Nurses.  They are available each day to assist you on the phone and in the office.  We find their input invaluable and we think you will also.  They are available to assist with patient care and routine lab work.  As you visit our office over the next 18 years, we anticipate that you will find that our nurses play a special role in the care of your child.

The receptionists that work in our office are not just here to answer the phone and greet you when you check-in.  Most of them have worked in our office for several years and are experts on handling your phone calls and making sure that they are routed to the correct personnel quickly and efficiently.  They are also knowledgeable about the insurance plans that we participate in and will be happy to help you with questions that you have in that area.  They work hard to make your phone calls and your children’s office visits a pleasant experience.

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