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We will now start telemedicine appointments. This is not available for well/preventative care.


Telehealth Visit Guidelines


  • QuickCare visits will be available via Telehealth Mon – Fri, 8:45am – 4:45pm.

  • You MUST be an established patient of Shawnee Mission Pediatrics to utilize this.

  • The following is a list of appropriate visits through telehealth:

    • Upper Respiratory illness to screen for further care. 

    • Common Illnesses: Receive quick care for ailments such as: Minor colds, cough, allergy issues, nose bleeds, pink eye

    • Skin Irritations: Are you concerned about acne, minor skin infections, rashes, eczema or styes?

    • GI Concerns: We offer care for Constipation, Diarrhea and Heartburn

    • Minor Injuries: Quickly connect to one of our online pediatric physicians to evaluate cuts, burns, bites, and other minor injuries

    • Questions? Do you have questions about your infant or general questions for one of our physicians? That’s what we’re here for!


  • Please be aware there are some limitations of telemedicine visits. The physician who evaluates you may determine that you need an in-person office visit.

  • Visits are currently available to residents of KS and MO.

  • Please see below for detailed instructions. You may call our office to schedule a telemedicine appointment during normal office hours with one of our physicians/providers.

  • Please be aware that during a telemedicine visit, we cannot obtain vital signs, oxygen level or weight. We also cannot perform a physical exam including listening to lungs or evaluating for ear infection. We do not have testing ability for strep throat or influenza.

  • Details on insurance billing are outlined below. It is always possible that the doctor will deem an in-person appointment or urgent care/ED referral necessary. Please note that there is still a charge for the telemedicine visit even if additional in-person evaluation is advised.


Billing and Insurance

  • We will bill your insurance as a telehealth visit. Most insurance companies cover this cost as a typical office visit. It is your responsibility to verify that telemedicine is a covered benefit under your plan. Self-insured plans may exclude this benefit.

  • All standard copays and fees contracted with your insurance company apply. Your card on file will be used unless we are otherwise notified.

  • If you have new insurance or payment card information, please message prior to your telemedicine visit. DO NOT send specific card numbers or personal details in this message due to the risk of identity theft.


At the Appointment Time

  • At the time of your appointment you can log into the appropriate “waiting room.” The individual “waiting room” URLs are listed below the teal instruction box, but you must schedule prior to visiting the site or we will not know you are there.

  • Once you are logged in, please wait for us to log in as well. It can be difficult to know an exact time we will be available during a typical office day, but we will be with you as soon as possible. We may still be with another patient when you first log in, much like in the office. The benefits to you are that you can work on things at home near your computer while you wait and you don’t spend time driving to and from our office.


Common Questions

Is this secure?

We take security seriously. We have chosen to use, which complies with HIPAA and HITECH requirements. uses state of the art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. No recording is made of the visit. It will be documented in the patient chart like any other visit.

Does insurance cover the cost?

The state of Kansas passed its telemedicine parity law on May 12, 2018. The law requires private payers to cover telehealth services. Self-insured plans may opt out of this benefit.

Why can we not use the service if we’re not in Kansas?

Our physicians and nurse practitioners are licensed to practice in the state of Kansas. The location of the patient is what counts legally, so we are limited to seeing patients who are currently in Kansas.

Why does the video sometimes freeze and what can we do when it happens?

The encrypted video and audio use a lot of bandwidth, so sometimes the video freezes. For this reason, we recommend having a phone nearby to use to continue the conversation while the video reloads. There is also a chat box that can be used to communicate by text if there are complications using the audio and video. (This texting alone does NOT meet criteria for the telehealth visit. We must be able to have audio and visual communication to meet criteria.)

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